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Woman considering Facelift surgery in Tucson, AZ.

Can I Get Facelift Results Without Surgery?

Facelift surgery is one of the best ways to rejuvenate the face. The procedure tightens saggy skin and readjusts drooping muscles, helping you look like a younger version of yourself. However, as it is an extensive surgery that requires a dedicated recovery time, many of our facelift patients here in Tucson ask the same question: …

Woman after weight loss considering CoolSculpting in Tucson, AZ

5 Signs You Could Benefit From CoolSculpting®

We've all heard about so-called "trouble spots"—areas of the body where fat tends to accumulate even if you regularly hit the gym and watch what you eat. These areas typically differ for men and women, but CoolSculpting at our Tucson, AZ, practice can target unwanted fat in virtually any area of the body, thanks to …

Tucson woman looking into the mirror and considering a rhinoplasty procedure

5 Things to Know Before Your Rhinoplasty

Choosing to undergo surgery isn’t a decision to take lightly, and this is especially the case for rhinoplasty. The nose is one of the most noticeable features of the face and dramatically influences your appearance. Many patients begin their treatment research browsing photo galleries and looking for pricing. While these topics are informative and useful, …

A woman rests at home after getting her rhinoplasty procedure.

Rhinoplasty Recovery: How To Care for Yourself at Home

At our practice, we offer rhinoplasty (also known as a “nose job”) to help Tucson men and women reshape their noses. The experience can be transformative as the nose helps create balance and harmony among all of your facial features. But like any other surgery, there’s a significant recovery period before your final results are …