Do I Need Rhinoplasty Surgery or Not?

Woman smiling after rhinoplasty

If you’re interested in nose reshaping, you might have trouble determining whether you really need full-blown surgery. With new and innovative options for nonsurgically reshaping the nose, there’s a fair chance that your specific complaint can be remedied without the need for a scalpel. When evaluating a patient for surgical or nonsurgical rhinoplasty here in Tucson, I look at several different factors.

Aesthetic and Nonaesthetic Considerations

Rhinoplasty is unique among aesthetic surgeries in that it can improve both the appearance of a particular body part as well as the way it functions. If you’d like to improve your respiration by, say, straightening a deviated septum, then surgery is the only viable option. But if your concerns are solely aesthetic, nonsurgical rhinoplasty might be able to help. Specifically, this approach can help reduce the appearance of a nasal hump, raise a flattened nasal bridge, or fill in indentations. A good rule of thumb is that a nonsurgical approach can be indicated when the primary aesthetic concern can be remedied by adding volume.

Nonsurgical Options

Of course, a nonsurgical approach using injectables has a number of appealing advantages. Most notably is the lack of downtime. Surgical rhinoplasty typically requires at least a week of time spent at home or otherwise away from social engagements. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty also offers an improvement that you can enjoy immediately—no waiting for bandages and dressings to come off. It can also be used as a “test drive” of surgical results, allowing you to try on a new nose without permanently committing to a new look.

There are some drawbacks to this approach, however. The results of a nonsurgical nose job don’t last forever. You can expect your improvement to last for about 2 years before the filler product starts to break down and your nose returns to its natural shape.

Surgical Options

So when is surgical rhinoplasty the best option? A traditional rhinoplasty can tackle most other aesthetic concerns, including major nose reshaping. A surgical approach is best for reducing the size of the nose, improving the nasal tip, or correcting a functional issue that affects respiration. The results of surgical rhinoplasty are typically permanent—the nose is much less susceptible to the effects of aging than other areas of the body. However, it does take time for the results of rhinoplasty to become fully apparent. Although you’ll see a marked improvement in your nose as soon as the dressings come off, residual swelling can obscure the final result for several months. It also takes some time for the bones and other nasal structures to settle into their final positions.

Of course, the best way to determine the right approach for you is with an in-person examination and consultation. I’m ready when you are! Feel free to reach out to us using our online form to request your visit.

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