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IPL Fotofacial

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Using intense pulsed light (IPL) photorejuvenation technology, our treatment professionals take skin rejuvenation to the next level for enhanced skin tone and a radiant complexion. If you have unwanted pigmentation, rosacea, facial veins, or skin that has lost its youthful radiance, it's time to learn more IPL Fotofacial treatments in Tucson to rejuvenate your skin.

You can enjoy more beautiful skin with the help of the advanced technology available at our practice. request a consultation online or call (520) 731-1110 and we'll be happy to talk with you about the benefits of IPL photorejuvenation treatments. We serve Sierra Vista, Casas Adobes, Green Valley, and other nearby communities.

Choosing IPL Fotofacial

An IPL Fotofacial uses light energy to encourage skin rejuvenation from within. During the procedure, intense pulses of light gently penetrate the skin, targeting unwanted pigment within the skin and facial vessels. The treatment also minimizes the appearance of imperfections and improves skin firmness. More than one session is often required to optimize and maintain the benefits.

As part of your consultation, we'll develop a personalized plan for your skin. Other cosmetic procedures may be an alternative or adjunct to treatment, including skin rejuvenation procedures and treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic or injectable fillers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the consultation consist of?

During your consultation, your skin will be evaluated to identify candidacy for the procedure. You will learn about the IPL Fotofacial treatment process as well as other cosmetic treatments that can help maximize skin health and beauty. Even though the IPL Fotofacial is relatively comfortable and does not require downtime, you will receive instructions to help ensure a smooth recovery and beautiful results.

Why is more than one treatment optimal to achieve the best results?

Benefits can be achieved in one IPL treatment, but further enhancements are usually desired and additional sessions provide for this and the maintenance of results.

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