If you are unhappy with the way your nose looks, consider rhinoplasty (a nose job) in Tucson from board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jerold Olson. This procedure can provide balance and harmony among all of your facial features for a naturally attractive look. Dr. Olson is known as a rhinoplasty specialist by residents of Sierra Vista, Green Valley, Saddlebrooke, and throughout the local community because he has the skill and experience to consistently achieve excellent results.

Selecting Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty, often called nose surgery, reshapes the nose while preserving your unique features to create a naturally enhanced appearance. Dr. Olson performs nose surgery by sculpting nasal tissue, cartilage, and bone into a desirable form. People from Saddlebrooke, Sahuarita, and other nearby cities visit him for this procedure to:

  • Diminish the size of the nose
  • Augment the size of the nose
  • Refine the shape of the nose tip or bridge
  • Narrow nostril width
  • Fine-tune the angle between the nose and upper lip
  • Repair breathing difficulty due to nasal abnormalities
  • Improve genetic defects or the results of traumatic injury
  • Balance facial features
Dr. Olson & Dr. Orlick

Meet Our Doctors

Board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Jerold Olson and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Katherine Orlick blend their skills for your optimal well-being and comfort.

Credentials of Dr. Orlick and Dr. Olson Credentials of Dr. Orlick and Dr. Olson
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Rhinoplasty Techniques

In Tucson, Dr. Olson is recognized by his peers for his rhinoplasty expertise and is often invited to speak to other surgeons about advanced cosmetic and functional rhinoplasty techniques. Rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated procedures a facial plastic surgeon performs, and customizing the technique to match the aesthetic goals of each patient is essential to getting the desired results.

Dr. Olson primarily uses an open rhinoplasty technique as he feels the results are more consistent than the results of the older closed rhinoplasty technique. This approach provides Dr. Olson better access to the underlying nasal structures. There is better visibility during the procedure, which is preferable when reshaping the delicate structures of the nose. An incision is made across the strip of skin separating the nostrils (the columella) this allows Dr. Olson to carefully fold back the skin across the bridge of the nose. The resulting scar is almost imperceptible. This is the technique Dr. Olson prefers for most of his patients.


illustration showing rhinoplasty incision options

Frequently Asked Questions

What will happen at my consultation with Dr. Olson?

You will learn about factors that can influence your procedure such as nasal structure, bones, cartilage, skin thickness, and overall facial shape. Dr. Olson uses computer imaging software so that he can give you a customized “preview” of what your results could look like. Patients find that the computer imaging process helps them to refine their ideas about what the surgery can achieve and helps them to discuss their options. Together with Dr. Olson, you will identify the appropriate goals for your procedure.

What can I expect during my rhinoplasty recovery?

Dr. Olson provides his patients with guidelines to follow that will help ensure a smooth recovery and great results. He will provide patient comfort tips to relieve discomfort that you may experience following surgery. You will be prescribed pain medication for the first few days of recovery.  Avoiding strenuous activity, lifting, or any activity that elevates heart rate or blood pressure during the first 10 days is important.  Most patients can return to their normal work and social activities at 10 days.  Exercise can be resumed at 10 days at a moderate level.

How long do the results of a rhinoplasty last?

A nasal surgery performed by a board-certified facial plastic surgeon such as Dr. Olson who specializes in the procedure can last a lifetime. The nose, like the rest of the face, changes over time as part of the aging process, but the fundamental changes made during rhinoplasty will remain. You should keep in mind, however, that the final results of a cosmetic rhinoplasty take up to a year to reveal itself.

Can a patient be too young or too old for rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one of the few facial plastic surgery procedures that people tend to get at a younger age. There are a number of reasons for this, but women and men may decide to undergo a cosmetic rhinoplasty at practically any age. At the younger end of the spectrum, Dr. Olson sees patients who are in their teenage years who desires cosmetic improvement in the appearance of their nose and possibly improvement in nasal function.  Most patients are a candidate be for surgery between the ages of 15 to 16 Prior to this age nasal structures may still growing and we try to avoid operating on patients younger than this.

Is rhinoplasty ever combined with other procedures?

The nose is a key feature in the balance and harmony of your face. In fact, one of the benefits of rhinoplasty is to restore that balance and give the face a symmetrical, aesthetically pleasing appearance. The changes to your nose, however, may have an impact on your profile. That’s why Dr. Olson may recommend a chin implant (chin augmentation) with injectable fillers in conjunction with nose surgery to create a more balanced profile.

If you live near Tuscon and would like to learn more about rhinoplasty at Foothills Dermatology & Facial Plastic Surgery, request a consultation online with Dr. Olson or call (520) 731-1110. We serve men and women from throughout the Green Valley, Sierra Vista, and Saddlebrooke areas.

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